You tend to get nervous when someone suggests you make a few changes to your website. Enterprises have evolved and so has technology. Right now what you face is the challenge of making your website more user-friendly. It is much easier for you to implement those changes and provide your users with a top-notch experience with your website. Let’s have a look at a few things that you should pay attention to right away:

  • The N + 1 Query Problem

This is a very common problem that slows down applications quite frequently. A lot of businesses in your sector face a similar issue. This problem is the result of an excessive number of queries. These queries are issued to linked fields that are contained in a database. The ideal way is to issue one complex SQL query that holds the record that is to be retrieved. You will have to get in touch with your developers to understand eager loading. They will help you with this problem by requesting a single query instead of multiple queries that hinder the performance of your applications.

  • It Is Time To Optimize Your Security

You say that you already have a web application fireball on the server-side. Is that going to be enough? You need to rethink your security strategy, especially when you are trying to make your website more secure for your users. If your firewall is configured poorly or if it is not optimized well enough, it is going to slow down the response time of your website significantly. You must implement an active and well-optimized layer of security on your website and not fall for those poorly configured web application firewalls that don’t do much for the safety of your users.

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  • Think Seriously About Cloud Hosting

The cloud infrastructure of the modern age is very competitive and highly affordable as well. You can easily increase or decrease your computing resources based on the amount of web traffic that you get. There are several cloud hosting providers today that offer auto-scaling as well. Ask your Backend Development Company about the many benefits of switching from a regular hosting platform to cloud infrastructure. When you talk about affordability, you have several plans as well which can be either monthly or even hourly depending upon your budget.

  • Issues With Caching

To put it in the simplest of words, caching is the process by which data is stored in cache memory and is reloaded whenever your user visits your web page. This means that your webpage is not rendered over and over again. But there could be a few glitches with your cache memory. If those issues are not sorted out on time, your website may not even open in front of your users. So yes, this is another matter you must have a look into immediately.


Ensuring the best user experience for your prospects and website visitors is not very difficult. You just have to be a little more willing to understand how modern technology works. The rest just follows.


Author Bio – Sarah Adams is an experienced content writer working with Outreach Monks as the Content Head. She is an expert in business and tech niches. She now analyzes the business trends and market requirements to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Her choice of using easy-to-understand language in her articles helps her connect better with her audience.

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