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If you are a developer , finding good coding books becomes too important to enter the world of programming. Programming, which is often referred as coding is one of the most interesting and useful activities that one can opt to do.  It is a combination of creative thinking, logic building, solving problems, creating a better world and much more. You may find programming involved in almost every sector.

The computers, software, machines, mobile applications, websites,electronic devices, etc. all need code or a set of instructions to complete a task. Programming is done with a special language which is known as programming language. In simpler terms, programming is just a set of instructions that you can give to the computer to perform a particular task, and this process is done using a language.

With the advancement of technology, coding has become an amazing choice as a professional career. You can apply in various companies and tech giants and get your dream job. But before joining the company you will need to pass their interview.

These interviews which are also known as the “Coding Interviews” are a key to get your dream job as a programmer. But is it that easy as it sounds? The answer to this is no, because many candidates fail in the coding interviews due to lack of practice and understanding of concepts.

Books for Coding Interviews

In Fact the coding interviews of many companies are so tough to crack, that only the one with a good understanding of concepts of data structures, algorithms, and logic building, can crack them. Therefore, before moving to the best books for coding interviews, let us first understand the “Coding Interviews”. Understanding Coding Interviews:

Coding Interviews are not only about solving programming questions in front of the Interviewer. It’s also about how effectively you solve the problem given to you and how much you understand the subject that you have chosen. And for that you must have a great knowledge of using the right concept of programming for the given problem.

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So, if you are preparing for a coding interview, then we have listed some of the best books that can help you to crack your coding interview and help you to get your dream job. Each book has its own specialty which makes them a must read book.

Some of these books will help you with concepts of algorithms and data-structures, while other may help you with soft skills. Let us see some of the best books that you can read and crack coding interviews:

Best Coding Books

1. The algorithms design manual

This is an excellent book that is helpful in understanding algorithm design. Designing of algorithms and solving problems using them is an important factor that decides the result of your coding interview.

Written by Steven S. Skiena, the book helps the readers to think and understand algorithms. The contents of this book includes questions based on data-structures and algorithms. In addition to this, “The algorithms design manual” also contains solved questions that teaches the reader on how to use algorithms to solve real-world problems.

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2. Coders at Work

Coders at work bookReflections on the Craft of Programming: Coders at work is an amazing book that you can read to know about the life as a programmer or a coder. This contents of this book include interesting and inspiring interviews from 15 accomplished computer scientists and programmers like Donald Knuth, Ken Thomson, Jamie Zawinski etc.

Coders at work shows the famous projects and inspiring stories of these programmers that they had worked on. Moreover, it inspires the readers by giving a peek into how great programmers think. The author of this amazing books Peter Seibel who has also been a programmer.

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3. Clean Code:

A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship: Writing a code is not the only thing that matters, keeping the code neat and clean is also important for a programmer. This book revolves around the importance of writing a clean code.

In the book “Clean Code”, the author shares examples and tips that will help programmers to write a clean and better code. The book dives into the methods of writing a better code. In addition to this, the book also challenges the readers to think about what’s right and what;s wrong in the code.

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4. 150 Programming Questions and Solutions:

This is another amazing book will be helpful to crack the coding interviews. As the name of the book suggests, the book contains 150 programming questions that are useful if you are preparing for coding interviews. But the book also breaks down the problems and teaches readers how to solve them.

Since, cracking coding interviews and getting your dream job demands practice and strong hold on programming concepts, this book is a great source to practice and learn how to tackle programming problems.

Apart from the coding part, the also focuses the non-coding part of the interview like, interview preparation, resume preparation, etc. which are also beneficial.

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5. Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction:

The book “Code complete: A practical handbook of software construction”, is written by Steve McConell’s is considered as an encyclopedia of practical programming. It is a very good book to read.

The book is easy to understand, and each chapter involves techniques and suggestions that can help you to improve everyday programming. It also promotes the reader to write a code which is easier to manage and readable.

Even if you are a beginner to programming, then also Code Complete will help you to write good code and change the way you think about creating logic.

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6. Soft Skills:

The Software Developer’s Life Manual: Coding is a fun part for the software developer’s. But for some developer’s the hard part includes, dealing with managers, peers or clients etc.

The book revolves about soft skills and helps the readers to achieve a fair balance between the soft skills and technical skills. Soft skills are an important part of success.

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7. Programming Pearls:

Programming PearlsIf you are preparing for coding interviews then “Programming Pearls” is one of the best books that you must read. The second edition of Programming Pearls which is written by Jon Bentley focuses on correctness, algorithm design, problem solving and much more. And algorithm design and problem solving are a key component to crack the coding interviews.

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Most of the questions that are discussed in the books are an amazing resource for coding interviews.

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8. Elements of Programming Interviews:

This book is an excellent book for programming Interviews. The book is a complete package of coding, algorithms, problem solving, and data structures which are essential for coding interviews.

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9. Dynamic Programming for coding Interviews:

As it sounds by the name, this book majorly focuses on the dynamic programming techniques that can be used to solve the problems. Written by Meenakshi and Kamal Rawat, the books amazingly explains the use of recursion and dynamic programming for problem-solving. Well, these are some of the best books that you can read for you programming interview.

In addition to these, books you can also refer to some courses that will boost your knowledge and ultimately guide you to crack your coding interview. Here is a list of some amazing courses that you can go through:

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Online Courses for coding interviews

1. 11 essential coding interview questions + coding exercises:

As discussed above practicing programming problems in an essential component of cracking your job interview and therefore this online course in an amazing resource to practice coding interview questions. The course provides solutions to 11 coding interview questions and step by step provides the solution.

2. Software engineer interview unleashed:

Created by a former Google Interviewer, this online course is also an excellent resource for cracking coding interviews. This course is specifically designed for the developers who are looking for jobs invarious tech giants.

The course covers algorithms and data structures and other technical information.

3. Python for Data Structures, Algorithms, and Interviews!

Specially designed for Python developers, the course not only covers concepts of algorithms, data-structures but also gives focuses on cracking coding interviews.


Well, coding interviews are obviously not impossible to crack, all they demand is practice, confidence and knowledge. The more you are confident on your answers, the better you perform in your interview. The books mentioned above are amazing to read and will certainly extend your knowledge in this field of programming.

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