MagicPrint – ECommerce App Android Open Source Project with Code Download

MySQL has been used for user registration and login whereas firebase is being user for data maintenance such as user cart , wishlist , placing ording, listing orders etc !See Gifs below to understand flow of App !

How i Made $2500+ from my first venture – Crackout’s Success Story

It was year 2014. Two guys were unknowingly rushing to something they could have possibly never thought of. Namely Kshitij Singh & Utkarsh Sharma. Busy building a static HTML website, with no additional languages scripted into it, our first college project looked like this.

Insta Bio Quotes App – Open Source Android App with Source Code on Github

Completely FREE Instagram Bio and Quotes App with latest collection of Instagram Bio and Instagram quotes for setting as your status.Setting good Instagram Bio gets increased Instagram followers . If you are looking for a nice, crazy, cool, funny or amazing Instagram Bio collection, your search ends in this Instagram Bio and quotes app.

Linux logging guide: Understanding syslog, rsyslog, syslog-ng, journalctl

I guess you have landed on the blog as you were facing some issue with linux logging, or maybe just got attracted by the...

Advantages of Golang over Java and Python

Before we jump into advantages of golang over Java and Python , lets first of all let’s have a look at what is Golang....

Best Books For Coding Interviews in 2020

If you are a developer , finding good coding books becomes too important to enter the world of programming. Programming, which is often referred...

Who is using golang in production ?

The release of new programming languages had always attracted attention of developers all around the world. Every new programming language created has its own...

Mongodb vs Mysql : Better based on performance 2020

MongoDB and MySQL both are databases programs widely used in the world of information technology. In this article, we will tell you about the...

7 Best download manager Ubuntu / Linux of 2020

Here are some of the best download manager Ubuntu and Linux distros . We have selected client based on top and most popular among...

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